RAMIRO & FIGUEIREDO, CORTIÇAS, LDA is dedicated to the production and sale of NATURAL and AQUACORK® cork stoppers.
All the cork used is acquired directly from the cork oak farms and from the tree itself.
In this way, all cork stoppers produced come from our own production.

Other calibers to order.

Natural Cork Stopper

Extracted directly from cork and therefore a 100% natural product.

AQUACORK ® Stopper

Natural cork stoppers with pores that aare filled with cork powder resulting from our cork sealing process AQUACORK ®

Microagglomerated Stopper

Microagglomerated cork stoppers are new generation cork stoppers with an agglomerated cork body of a specific classification.

Champagne Stopper

Stoppers specially designed to seal champagne, sparkling wines.

Technical Stopper

These are stoppers formed by an agglomerated or microagglomerated cork body,
having a natural cork disc glued to one or both tops.